Hard money loans, known for their fast approval times and flexibility, are the go-to for many real estate investors.

At MKCapital Funding, we offer a variety of loan products tailored to your unique needs.

Fix & Flip

Dive into the dynamic world of property flipping. Our Fix & Flip loans are tailored for short-term investments, providing the funds you need for purchasing and revamping properties. Make your vision come alive and sell for a profit.

Bridge Loan

Transition seamlessly with our Bridge Loans. Whether you're waiting on a property sale or simply need immediate funds, our Bridge Loan ensures you never miss out on an opportunity.

New Construction

 Our New Construction loans are designed for real estate investors and builders eager to break ground on fresh projects. Whether it's a modern residential home, a multi-family complex, or a commercial venture.

Buy and Hold Rental

Steady income, long-term rewards. Our Buy and Hold DSCR Rental loans empower investors to tap into the lucrative rental market. Secure properties that provide a consistent income stream and long-term growth.


Better terms, brighter future. If you're burdened by unfavorable loan terms or high rates, our Refinance solutions are the answer. Let's reassess and reposition your financial landscape.


Multiplying your investment returns. Multi-family properties present unique opportunities. Our specialized loan solutions ensure you can grow your portfolio and maximize returns.


Empower your business ambitions. From retail spaces to upscale offices, our Commercial loans provide the financial backbone for your ventures. Be it expansion or acquisition, we've got you covered.