Expand your Portfolio with Multifamily Property Loans

Tailored for investors and developers focused on residential complexes, these loans provide the robust financial backing necessary to acquire, develop, or refurbish multifamily units.

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Why invest in Multifamily Properties?

Multifamily properties offer significant investment advantages, including consistent revenue streams, scalability of property management, and a hedge against economic volatility. With MK Capital Funding, you gain a partner equipped to support ambitious projects that require nuanced, strategic financial solutions.

We are strategic partners who understand the multifamily market dynamics:

  • Rates and amount: Start from 10.99% for bridge and 7.99% for long term. From $250,000 to $5,000,000 - exceptions available.

  • Diverse Funding Options: From acquisition loans to refinancing and construction loans for multifamily properties, we cover all facets of your real estate investment needs. 

  • Tailored Draw Schedules: Receive funds aligned with project milestones, ensuring efficient use of capital throughout the development phase.

  • Coverage: Up to 75% LTV, up to 70% ARV and 100% of the rehab.

  • Market Expertise: Leverage our deep understanding of different real estate markets and their potential. From 5 - 200 unit apartments.

  • Continuous Support: Gain ongoing support from our team of experts throughout the life of your loan.

  • Long-Term Profitability: Our loan structures are designed to maximize your long-term return on investment.

Secure your position in the lucrative multifamily property market with loans tailored to amplify your investment impact. Reach out to MK Capital Funding for a personalized consultation today.